The !KAURU project was launched in 2012 bringing together the work of African artists in an exhibition. The project aims to sensitize and mobilise society and the media in the appreciation of African contemporary visual arts. !Kauru provides a platform for people to experience art, however their challenge was that they did not have an online representation of this lively and engaging experience. A’GOD and Associates was approached to design a website and marketing collateral that will exhibit the !Kauru brand and what it stands for.

By its very nature the visual arts promotes connections and evokes an emotional response. Our challenge was to gain a perspective of Kauru’s vision and develop a website that could communicate the brand idea to audiences unfamiliar with the visual arts.We designed a simple and clean website; our objective was to give the user clear visuals of the artwork and the artist that created it. The fine art world elicits exclusivity and artistic wealth; we wanted to offer this experience through the synergistic design