Adian is a South African vocal artist and musician whose style is versatile and contemporary. His sensual voice and talents incited his country wide tours where he performed in various stages including The Barnyard, Shikisha, The Carosel Sun International; thrilling crowds with outstanding performances. After Adian left his mo-town musical group, he planned on building his solo music career in the commercial house and R ’n B scene. Adian then engaged A’GOD and Associates to design and develop branding and promotional material for his first official single “You the one”.

A’GOD and Associates was commissioned to produce packaging designs for the album, artist profile, music video editing, website and social media branding. The basic branding idea was to position Adian’s brand to resonate with both local and international young, fun and club loving audience who appreciates house music and R ’n B. Due to budget constrains we were only able to produce and deliver the promotional collateral without a strategy implementations.