Cali Kings is a rap crew that consists of two producers and a rapper. The young rap group first approach A’GOD and Associates with the idea of producing marketing material for their forth coming album which will introduce them to the mainstream music industry. Despite their remarkable talent, A’GOD and Associates recognised, that they will need more than talent to make any impact in the over saturated music industry; they will need to be a brand.

A’GOD and Associates initial step was to establish a brand idea built on who they are as individuals, as a crew and most importantly, what they want to stand for in the minds of their key audience. The Cali Kings brand needed a strong digital marketing strategy as well to incite a powerful following and storytelling. Overnight success never happens over night, it’s a rigorous process that should be delivered with due diligence over a period of time. Cali Kings managers agreed to delay the album launch but due to budgetary constraints we could not take over the brand management.