The Curriculum Development Project (CDP) Trust develops and implements programmes that apply creative and artistic forms of teaching and learning in education and training throughout South Africa. Since its establishment in 1989 the Trust promotes visual arts not only as an educational tool but also as a powerful medium to address issues of social justice, women empowerment and human rights. CDP Trust required a new identity to re-introduce the brand and to capture the organisations artistic vibrancy on digital platforms.

CDP Trust’s previous identity was outdated and did not reflect their current spirit and purpose; their website did not reflect the level of vibrancy and artistry of the organisation. A’GOD and Associates designed and developed a digital brand identity that will represent the current vitality of the organization. The new design communicates CDP Trust’s mission and showcases the NGO’s projects in a fun and creative way while promoting engagement in a digital environment. The bright, fresh colours offer a playful identity while the grid layout expresses a sense of order and professionalism of the organisation.