From a young age without any formal training Fanie Chauke, started singing in church and private events, which lead him as a young adult to become a gospel music artist. His music provides a fusion of the South African Shangaan culture with modern style and sound that appeal to younger gospel lovers but is also appreciated by the older generation as a form of spiritual healing. Fanie approached A’GOD and Associates to design the album cover for the release of his debut album as well as promotional material and social media.

Our challenge was to develop an image that will position him in a distinctive manner, whilst embracing the collaborative nature of his art. Apart from his unmistakable voice; Fanie is a creative song writer, elegant and fashionable, so the branding had to convey these attributes of the artist. A’GOD and Associates art directed the whole photo-shoot from selecting appropriate wardrobe to designing all marketing collateral to be in uniform with the album design concept. The debut album was warmly received and beckoned attention from various audience groups.