Full Moon hair and beauty studio was founded in 2010 as a classy and upmarket beauty salon. Their previous identity failed to build rapport with their target audience and it rather came across as a cheap corner store salon. A'GOD and Associates was hired to only design a logo but we encouraged Full Moon to stretch their imagination about what a hair salon could be. Recognizing that, as a start-up in what is traditionally a generic industry, it was critical that Full Moon enters the market with a clearly defined brand strategy and differentiated brand experiences.

Full Moon needed a new identity that would be memorable and simple enough to be associated with the brand name. So we kept to the idea of a full moon, however we decided to avoid using the obvious full moon icon, as is so often used, and we introduced a bit of mystery to the graphic identity by only capturing the peak and brightest part of the new moon being born; a subtle suggestion of a new beginning or unveiling. The result is a striking brand that intrigues and engages yet simple enough to be employed throughout all the brands touch points.