Grand Builders is a construction and carpentry company that specialises in home-building. The company is owned and managed by young and skilled businessmen, whose skill sets in the industry have enabled them to create fresh and original design concepts. Grand Builders understood the importance of building a differentiated brand image before entering the market, especially when you a have a new experience and perspective to offer. So A’GOD and Associates was asked to develop a corporate identity and marketing collateral that will help introduce Grand Builders to the market.

The challenge was to get what seemed like a generic service to be perceived as a permanent investment in comfort and style. The new identity had to articulate the strategy and positioning of Grand Builders. We then incorporated the house symbol on the logo to build relevance to their market and to be the hallmark of the organisation. This resulted in a lively, eco-conscious, identity that builds excitement and gives a fresh edge to home building. The elegant look and feel of the design was applied across all the brand touch-points.