Great Light Sage (GLS) is a Johannesburg based multi-lingual, pan-African communications agency. The agency provides public relations services, mainly focusing on content creation and brand communication in key African markets. GLS had been operating for several years and now sought to grow their reach to international markets, thus A’GOD and Associates was acquired to revamp their identity as well as to develop a website that will serve as a marketing tool to help reintroduce GLS to the world.

Our challenge was to enhance GLS potential for success through an identity revamp as they reach into new markets and to ensure the new identity will not detract but add to their brand image. When revamping the image; we saw to it that we do not lose the elements that built on consumer recognition, like their colours and the simplicity of the font type. On the new logo we introduced a circular icon with ‘gls’ embedded and introduced fresher shades of purple which were applied throughout the new corporate stationery, website and social media designs.