Kiri Pink Nob is a Johannesburg based art emporium. The company boasts a myriad of productions in literary, visual, multi-media, crafts and performing arts. KPN utilises art not only as a medium to entertain and educate but also to explore and develop innovative approaches to artistic creations. KPN did not have a central online platform and required a site to communicate the company’s offerings and portfolio. A’GOD and Associates was brought onboard to help KPN develop a digital marketing platform that included social media and a micro-website.

KPN is involved in many spheres of the performing arts industry ranging from poetry to theatrical shows; the challenge was to design the digital strategy as well as a website to appeal to their primary audience whilst building brand awareness. A’GOD and Associates researched current trends and evaluated several competitive sites to obtain insight into their marketplace and key audience. Our strategy span across social media and a micro-website that was easy to navigate, engaging and dynamic. The website design offered a clean user interface that offered visitors a simple, visual experience and regular fresh content. We also added an events calendar to track the organisations latest and forth-coming productions and events.