Lip Ice has been long one of South African’s leading lip care brands but for years now, they have been slowly losing market share. Lip Ice needed a dramatic change as well as insight onto where they should direct their marketing before their next major campaign. Lip Ice and Design Base outsourced A’GOD and Associates to conduct a research on customers, to get insight on the perceptions they have about Lip Ice as well as factors that influence consumers lip care purchase decisions.

A’GOD and Associates conducted a simple (open and closed ended) survey crafted to get insight into Lip Ice’s current brand strengths and weaknesses, as well as favourable packaging visual cues that could help increase their market share. The exercise was a simple one, but it resulted in a marked consistency of output. The outcome of the research points out carefully and clearly where to focus Lip Ice’s marketing as well as how to build on their current brand strengths whist fortifying their weakness.