Liz Ogumbo is fashion designer, performing artist and author whose specific focus is in music and fashion. KenSoul is Liz Ogumbo brand of music, expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French, it weaves stories of her Kenyan origins and global influences. Liz Ogumbo’s sourced A’GOD and Associates to design and develop promotional collateral for the Kensoul album including the CD cover design and the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) that will be linked to her website.

A’GOD and Associates had to develop strategic designs to integrate and synergise with the Liz Ogumbo brand. The Kensoul album had a clean design with a solid black background that pulled in the focused to Liz to create awareness and build brand recognition. The EPK concept was designed to capture and project the soulful sound and sensual energy of Liz Ogumbo encapsulated into one central communication platform.