Mangaung is metropolitan municipality which governs Bloemfontein and surrounding towns in the Free State province. Being the sixth largest city in South Africa with over 850 000 inhabitants. Hydr8 Media; a media production company, proposed to launch a TV channel that will broadcast local news and events concerning the people of Mangaung. A’GOD and Associates was engaged to develop and identity for the proposed television network, the new identity had to describe the vibrancy and culture of the city.

The challenge was to represent Mangaung TV as truly local network that is relevant. We based the design concept on the name of the city “Mangaung” meaning a “place of leopards" in Sesotho. The identity design consisted of test pattern colour bars often used when no program material is available - this signifies that the people of the city will make up the content of Mangaung TV. At the heart of the design is an iconic leopard; a full expression of the identity system and a visual signal of the agility, gracefulness and alertness of the television networks’ brand promise.