Mi-Fone was launched in April 2008 as the first African Mobile devices brand. Their devices are sold in over 14 African countries and are targeted at low income earners. The Mi-Fone brand is cheeky, outspoken and youthful, and it offers affordable mobile devices through a unique experience that infuse music, fashion and event activations. In 2011 A'GOD and Associate was outsourced to design packaging for the promotional edition range of mobile devices which featured Phat Joe and Liz Ogumbo as brand ambassadors.

The mobile device package designs had to resonate with the Mi-Fone brand identity as well as fuse with the ambassadors’ style and personality. A’GOD and Associates designed both the boxes to be gratifying and engaging so to help establish an emotional connection with the target market. We used a funky, colourful look and feel to appeal to the youth market, and then we incorporated music elements to illustrate the musical component that came with the range while maintaining a clean design. The flowing lines typify the synergy between the ambassadors and the Mi-Fone brand in giving the consumer a groovy experience.