Muzutu Fashion is a high-end women clothing brand that designs and manufactures African themed winter wear. Muzutu produces quality and stylish garments which are sold online to an international market. Their previous website was unable articulate the brands offerings and appeal to their intended market. A’GOD and Associates was tasked with the duty of revamping Muzutu’s digital identity to present the brand to an international market whilst simplifying online purchases.

At A’GOD and Associates, we know that digital branding is far more than just a website design. We needed Muzutu Fashion to integrate their website as part of their comprehensive marketing strategy and brand experience. To elaborate on the brand experience; we designed and developed an African themed website interface, with easy navigation, large detailed photographs and a merchant system that enables consumers to place orders online and make purchases promptly. The new identity was incorporated through social media, SEO and digital marketing strategy, to re-introduce Muzutu as a professional and credible company.