Naked Ape by Shaldon Kopman is an admired South African clothing brand and fashion consultancy. In over a decade Naked Ape has established an elite service for the distinguished individual, based on enhancing personal style and image. They have been featured in a number of prestigious fashion shows including the Africa Fashion International (AFI), Arise Africa Fashion Week (AAFW), K Walk fashion show in Cameroon and many other international platforms. Naked Ape sought an Iconic identity to effectively communicate its brand Idea whilst being easily recognised in a competitive fashion industry.

A'GOD and Associates worked with Naked Ape to develop a creative visual identity; to position them as an innovative, chic and sexy fashion brand. We took a creative yet unconventional approach of using a banana an element that is implicative with an Ape and its peel for the icon - a suggestive symbol for covering or clothing. The Naked Ape symbol still remains one of the most recognised fashion logo in the industry.