The Encounter is a corporate events and artist management company, specialising in intimate corporate events. As a new establishment that will be marketing to high-end clients, with their strengths residing in a unique business strategy of having a handful of artists available for performance at events. The Encounter needed an identity that will reflect elegance, superior quality and value, but as importantly, to reflect its brand idea; their ability to be personable, agile and spiritual.

A’GOD and Associates developed a simple visual identity – a Deer and a typeface with intersecting letter (e)’s to reflect an ‘Encounter; accidentally be in the same place and interact with’. To capture the personality of the company, we introduced animal icons; symbols seldom used by events management companies. We found a deer to best reflect The Encounter’s spirit; with qualities of strength, agility and graduality. Then the logo icon “The Deer” was placed at a peak of the typeface; to symbolise seeing ahead or foreseeing, pertinent attributes to possess when managing any event