You Are Lifestyle Solutions (YALS) is a lifestyle marketing company that offers fashion and image consulting services to upmarket clients. YALS engaged A'GOD and Associates to help them create an identity that will not only resonate with their market but stand out from their pompous looking competitors, by appearing more vernal, trendy and flexible. Understanding that YALS was offering more than just a manner of living but tools of transformation; we sought a corporate identity that will articulate this becoming.

We based our logo design concept on a combination of butterflies and fairies. Butterflies symbolises keeping faith as we undergo transitions in our lives, and fairies are magical species representing a combination between human and angels. The infusion resulted in connotations of beauty, freedom and new beginnings. To build on these elements we used shades of royal purple and gold as YALS corporate colours to elicit associations of prestige, sophistication and youthfulness.